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Beware of DIY leather repair

failed DIY leather seat repair

You might think we’re bound to try and warn customers off attempting repairs themselves rather than paying us to do it. You might think it’s not surprising that we say that paying a professional for a car interior leather repair is often the best way forward. You’d be right, it would be in our interest… Read more »

How we repair a cracked leather car seat

cracked leather car seat

Even the best leather car seats will eventually show signs of wear and cracking. It starts with small lines or faded areas and over years you can have major cracks and eventually holes appear and the leather can break down completely. When car seats start to crack it can really spoil the appearance of the… Read more »

Styling Accessories

This is where it gets a bit exciting, especially for older, more vintage cars. There are various accessories to update your car interior and with these simple upgrades every so often, soon your vehicle will look like the ones you admire when you’re searching online depending on your style. In our previous articles we’ve discussed… Read more »

How to Protect Your Leather Interior

Although leather is a durable material that provides a classic look to any vehicle interior, in it’s lifetime it is likely to suffer unavoidable damage. While there are minor damages that can be prevented and repaired, major rips, tears and cracks appear to be worse in the eyes of vehicle owners. This is why at… Read more »

Interior Lighting

vehicle interior lighting

Interior lighting performs a critical function, ensuring visibility and giving you the comfort you require when driving, especially in evenings. You can either update the lights currently used in your vehicle, or add solar powered OR LED lights wherever you want. If you’re feeling bold you could go with neon lights to brighten up your… Read more »

New Sound & Entertainment Systems – Updating Your Car Interior

Older cars tend to not be as high tech as some cars to date, limiting you to radios, CD players or even cassette tapes. Now as some people take pride in their entertainment systems, upgrades are the solution and there are various systems available to best suit you and your vehicle. As we know there’s… Read more »

Updating Your Car Interior

Updating your car interior doesn’t have to be expensive, we understand how you want your vehicle tailored to you, something that’s different and even maybe something that shows your personality if your vehicle is going to be your pride and joy for years to come. Whether you’re looking to replace old details and include custom… Read more »