Cigarette burns can occur in the most unexpected areas of your car and it is not uncommon. Whether they’ve made an unsightly appearance in your carpets or seats, we have a team of interior experts with tools and techniques to repair the damage that you won’t even remember where the hole had been.

Seat Cigarette Burn Repair

Seat Burn Repair

Unsightly burn holes on your car seats can be extremely difficult to hide and ignore. Depending on the type of burn, different techniques are used to provide the best solution and repair possible for car leather seats or fabric seats.

Carpet Cigarette Burn Repair

Carpet Burn Repair

Although carpet burns aren’t as visible as seat burns, it can still reduce the value of your vehicle. To be brief, a combination of fibers are blended together to match the surrounding fabric or leather and are evenly levelled to show virtually no damage at all. Contact us today to discuss your repair!

Cigarette Burns

Cigarette Burn Repair

Seat Repair

Carpet Repair