Although accidents can happen to the exterior of your vehicle, interior damage can’t be helped either. Marks and scratches on your dashboard caused by general wear and tear can be easily repaired to a professional standard, meaning there is absolutely no need at all to buy a replacement.

Dashboard Repairs

Leather & Vinyl Repairs

There are many areas throughout your vehicle that become damaged by every day use. We are able to fill the section of the damaged dashboard, replicate the original texture, re-colour and blend the affected area using specialist tools and a highly skilled technician. We perform many repairs on leather and vinyl dashboards, call us today to discuss your repair today!

Plastic Trim Repairs

Plastic Trim Repairs

With our interior trim and plastics repair service we cover holes that could have been caused by attempting to remove mobile phone holders, or other gadgets and accessories that leave scratches and scuffs around doors and door consoles. Please don’t hesitate to view our repair work in our gallery.

Dashboard Repair Services

Plastic Repairs

Leather Repairs

Door Consoles Repairs