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Interior lighting performs a critical function, ensuring visibility and giving you the comfort you require when driving, especially in evenings. You can either update the lights currently used in your vehicle, or add solar powered OR LED lights wherever you want. If you’re feeling bold you could go with neon lights to brighten up your interior or just have them for show.

You could even customise your lighting if you’re feeling creative and with the technology we have today, pretty much anything is possible. We must admit they do look quite cool. We’ve compiled a short list of examples for interior lighting, take a look and see if your vehicle would suit them!

Door Lighting
On the majority of cars, there is a light located at the bottom of each door, allowing you to have a clear vision when yourself or passengers enter or exit. As a way to customise this area of your interior, LED strip lights can give your vehicle a better glow than just the standard light. A simple design and choosing the right location in which they are placed on the door panels can give off a classic and stylish look.

The LED lights are inexpensive and the installation process is simple and easy, you can do it yourself. Many kits come with adapters that allow the light to be plugged into your car’s cigarette lighter. Have a little fun and experiment to see which ways look best on your door panels.

Footwell Lighting
Footwell lighting is placed under the dashboard with a direct insert to the cigarette lighter for it’s power source. Available in a range of colours, they are a nice addition to any vehicle interior and the installation process only involves adhesive tape! Although LED strips are the most common to give your interior a unique look, light lamps which are smaller in length are also available.

However, if you do struggle with the installation process for any type of customisation to your interior, or even cause accidental damage, Auto Interior Medic specialise in magic repairs.

Ceiling Lighting
As we know, the standard roof light in vehicles can sometimes be a pain and doesn’t reach it’s full potential with brightness, so how’s about installing a new, more effective one along with the original? We’ve found a cheap, LED dome ceiling lamp. With 37 LED’s and three switch positions, this is a great little addition to any interior. In fact, we’re pretty sure you could install this product anywhere within your vehicle.

Why choose LED lights?
If you are upgrading interior lighting, LED bulbs provide a much brighter light than the standard lights – halogens and if you haven’t noticed, they produce a more vibrant, clean white light increasing your visibility which is what we all need on the road. However, because they are quite powerful and bright lights, it’s important that you don’t accidentally blind yourself or other drivers. LED lights do not require any additional equipment, it’s just a quick replacement change.

Customising your car with interior lighting accents makes your car stand out, however certain interior lights are not road legal due to safety reasons such as distractions on the road. It’s essential to know when choosing accessories which ones are acceptable and ones which are not. Although your car interior may look quite awesome, safety always comes first. Be sure to contact us should you have any problems or damage with your interior.

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