Auto Interior Medic are able to carry out leather repairs and maintain the value and look of your car interior at a fraction of the cost of a replacement. Over time it can become teared, marked or discoloured making it visually unappealing but with our highly trained technicians, we will be able to restore your vehicle interior back to new. Whether its damage to your steering wheel, seats or the doors are worn from old age, we cover touch ups to complete reupholstery. Get in touch with us today for a free quote.

Leather Seat Repairs

Leather Seat Repair

At Auto Interior Medic, we are dedicated to restoring your cars leather interior. We provide restoration services for rips and tears, burns, holes and seams. If the damage to your leather is cracked, scratched or torn, we have exceptional skilled technicians who are able to carry out the repairs on site to a high quality standard.

Leather Deep Clean

We provide a deep cleaning service for leather interior. If your interior is in great need of TLC, we have the equipment to leave your car feeling and looking as good as ever. Your leather interior will constantly maintain it’s natural look. Take a look at our deep cleaning service page for more information on what we cover!

cracked leather car seat

Cracked leather seat repair

When leather car seats get tired and cracked, they may never be the same again but they can be an awful lot better.


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