New Sound & Entertainment Systems – Updating Your Car Interior

Older cars tend to not be as high tech as some cars to date, limiting you to radios, CD players or even cassette tapes. Now as some people take pride in their entertainment systems, upgrades are the solution and there are various systems available to best suit you and your vehicle.

As we know there’s a world of car sound equipment enabling motorists to practically weaponise their sound systems with all manner of ridiculous sub woofers and speaker sets, in our article we’re going to look at something a little different and a little more practical.

Upgrading your speakers
With JBL, they provide incredible, well designed speakers to significantly upgrade your system, with high sound quality and no distortion. We’ve hand picked their GX600C, 2-way component set with separate soft dome tweeter and filter. Their edge driven soft dome tweeter delivers a smooth, high frequency response allowing you to experience the best sounds from vocals and instruments. The GX speakers are able to pull more power from the amplifier for a more clearer sound. Designed to fit the majority of factory specifications and for enhanced audio that you take pride in, take a look and see if you can envision them in your vehicle.

The Aunt CS Comp 8 speakers deliver a much more sophisticated sound that benefits any musical genre. The speakers are styled within jet black walls that will fit into any vehicle effectively and give a smooth sound. Although mounting hardware and cables are provided for installation, this results in no complications and a great fit.
An inexpensive choice for a new and improved sound
The popular car stereo with built in USB

If you’re looking to upgrade your current sound system on a small budget, you are able to install a new radio/Bluetooth/mp3 player in your car without having to lose your mind with electricals and the whole wiring system that comes along with it. 3 in 1 sound systems are the most common and useful for money when updating your system, with a USB port allowing you to listen to music from your mobile device, the ability to listen to the radio and the option to play CD’s.

If you’re looking to use a mobile device or tablet, a neat little trick you can do is buy a mount that can be displayed over your original radio or CD player so it sits at a place where you can reach it easily, rather than having to mount it on your dashboard or lodge it in between heaters. Either way, with a brand new stereo system, you can enjoy an improved audio experience. For an inexpensive car stereo like this, you can find a few for under £50 at Halfords, take a peek! However, if you are a little unfortunate and cause damage with the installation, Auto Interior Medic can help with specialists in Dashboard Repairs.
Smart technology to help you on the road
Introducing Apple Car Play

Apple Car Play is a safer and smarter way to use an iPhone in the car. Featuring popular apps and a large touchscreen display, available in 6.2” and 7”, it has everything you need to enhance your driving experience. With a simple plug and play connection, you can ask siri via voice control or touch to call, message, play music or provide you with directions. Touch control allows you to select apps and manually choose contacts, incoming messages, music from multiple apps and maps.

But to help concentrate on driving, read, send or reply to messages and calls using just your voice, as well as selecting a music playlist from iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and other apps for entertainment. If music isn’t quite your taste, you also have the option from podcasts and audiobooks. Use the mapping app for guidance to your destination and provide you with real time traffic updates so you are aware of your time and any delays. The near by feature also provides local searches for parking, restaurants, petrol stations and more.

Overall, for less distractions and a high tech entertainment system which will last for years to come, apple car play is a wise investment to make when thinking of upgrading your vehicle’s sound and entertainment system.

Entertainment Systems
For those who are looking for a bit of everything.

There are various entertainment systems that are constantly being developed to deliver the greatest visual and audio entertainment and we’ve included a few for you to have a look at to see if they meet your purpose.

With a 7” touchscreen car radio that plays DVD’s, CD’s and MP3, holds a front mini USB port and SD slot, as well as two video outputs, we understand on long car journeys that you’ll need something to pass the time, for you and your passengers. Other than being able to play your favourite tracks through multiple connections, you can play movies or even catch up on a tv show. See more on the Auna DTA90 car radio.

Meet the Universal Car DVD Player Headrest Monitor with Games Emulation. This 10 inch, universal gadget for in car entertainment is a fantastic way to keep yourself and children engaged while on the road. The DVD feature allows you to play movies, as featured in the previous system and lets you listen to music and play emaluation games with a remote control so your comfort comes first. Having a USB, HDMI ports and an SD card, content can be displayed on screen within seconds to a high quality. The bracket that comes along with the 10 inch monitor can fit various headrests and isn’t a time consuming task to fit. For easier and more enhanced entertainment within your vehicle, this is a smart choice. You can view it here.
Entertainment Gadgets
The Bluetooth FM Transmitter is a neat little gadget that you can store in the vehicle cigarette socket. It holds 2 USB ports and several play modes ensuring you enjoy music as well as safely allowing you to take hand free calls for a smooth driving experience.

All installation requires is for you to tune your car FM radio frequency to a blank station and proceed to tune the FM transmitter to the same frequency with your car FM radio. You are able to connect your phone using Bluetooth or with an audio cable and only takes a few minutes to set up! It really is an inexpensive, effective gadget for your vehicle if you’re looking for something simple and easy to install. Grab it on Amazon!

With a Universal Tablet Car Headrest with 360 degree rotation, this is perfect for passengers in the back of the vehicle who need to pass some time. Available to fit an Apple iPad, Samsung Tab and any other tablet up to 11 inches, you’re able to watch movies, play games and watch videos at a comfortable angle. It easily attaches to headrest posts so the installation process is very simple and you’ll be pleased to know that you won’t have to experience shaking or vibration if you do come across some bumps in the road. What’s better than finding relaxation on car journeys?

These products are just a few that have the capability to enhance your current sound and entertainment system within your vehicle. When it comes to installing new systems and gadgets, it’s wise to determine whether or not you can fit the item yourself and to a good standard.

Although the item itself will add value and appeal to your interior, if damage is caused in the process it will be visible, such as scratches, rips and tears. Unless you have the hands of Jesus and are able to repair interior with a touch of your fingertips, it’s suitable for a trained professional to carry out the installation so your mind is put at ease. If you’re looking at new sound and entertainment systems but require help with them, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we’d be delighted to improve the interior of your vehicle. You can view our range of services here.

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