How we repair a cracked leather car seat

cracked leather car seat

Even the best leather car seats will eventually show signs of wear and cracking. It starts with small lines or faded areas and over years you can have major cracks and eventually holes appear and the leather can break down completely.

When car seats start to crack it can really spoil the appearance of the interior and make a car start to feel old. Replacing the seat can be prohibitively expensive as is reupholstering a full car seat but a leather car seat repair can deliver incredible results.

With the proper tools, training and experience cracked and worn leather can be cleaned, sealed and coloured to match the original leather leaving the original damage much harder to see and sometimes completely invisible.

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All leather damage is different and this affects the kind of repair that is possible. The kind of leather and where the damage is located will affect how perfect the final appearance will be and how long the repair is likely to last before it starts to fade or crack again. We are absolutely honest with customers and will never attempt a repair where there’s a high chance that it will not last for at least at year. Where leather takes the weight of a person, major cracked leather repairs are often inadvisable, our repairs are strong but nothing beats the strength of leather in great condition.

The best remedy is of course preventing the damage ever occurring. The best way to achieve that is to ensure your leather seats are cleaned and nourished at least every year, this can extend the life of leather enormously. Check out our Car interior restoration page for details.

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