​Whether you have fabric, leather or vinyl seats that have suffered damage, we can restore your car interior back to perfect condition. We are able to repair small and large rips and tears in both interior and exterior leather performing the most effective methods at a high standard. Auto Interior Medic offer a comprehensive range of repairs and a mobile service that means we come to you. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.

Smart Repairs

Car seats are the most common area in which rips and tears occur, as well as carpets, steering wheels and even roofs. We provide repairs for both leather and fabric interior and offer various re-filling techniques, allowing us to carry out professional repairs for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a replacement.

Stitching Seams

Upholstery stitching consists of small, but very noticeable details all over your vehicle interior so when a rip or tear occurs, it does ruin the appearance. There are several intricate stitch patterns out there and we are able to replicate your interior and cover the damage. We are also able to enhance your interior depending on your requirements.