Our mobile service allows us to visit and repair your vehicle where it is most suitable for you. Please use our contact us form to send us details, including images (if available) and we will respond within 48 hours. On site visits we will advise how we can repair the damaged area and the cost before we proceed to carry out any works.

Below are a range of services we provide.


Leather RepairLeather repair services
With over a decade of repairing car interiors, our mobile team are highly skilled technicians able to restore your leather interior to the highest of standards. We take pride in quality and produce results that you will not find anywhere else. If your leather interior has suffered damage, whether that is rips, scuffs, stitching issues or even stains, we can restore it back to new. Visit our leather repair page for more information.
Stain RemovalStain removal services
Our stain removal service ensures your vehicle interior looks as good as new. We understand how difficult it is to remove stains using plain household products or stain removal kits that do not do the job right. If your interior suffers from food or fluid stains that contribute to the odour throughout your car, contact us today or alternatively you can check out our page for stain removal.
Leather WearLeather wear repair
Leather wear is a common repair we perform for a wide range of vehicles, whether you have cracked seats or marks/scratches on your dashboard, our techniques are the most effective and successful. Check out our leather wear page to view what type of repairs we carry out as well as our gallery to see the results for yourself!
Rips and TearsRepair of rips and tears to car seats
Our rips and tears repair service covers pretty much anything from leather or fabric seats, to roofs, dashboards and even carpets. Auto Interior Medic’s mobile service means we come to you at no extra cost and we carry out repairs on a site that is convenient for you. Why don’t you have a look at our rips and tears page?
Seat StitchingRe-stitching seat fabric and leather
As seat stitching is the type of repair you wouldn’t perform yourself, leave it to us! We have professional and highly trained technicians who possess the kind of steadiness and delicacy for stitching. You won’t even be able to notice any damage was there to begin with. Take a look at seat stitching for more information on this service and the process.
Interior Deep CleanCar interior deep clean
Is there anything better than a fully cleansed and fresh car, both inside and out? We don’t think so either. Our interior deep clean service we provide can be tailored to you. We have technicians who pay attention to detail and who will not leave a job unless every inch of your vehicle is spotless. View our interior deep clean page for more information on what we cover.
Dashboard RepairsDashboard repairs
Our dashboard and plastic trim repair service covers dashboards (which was an obvious one) and plastic trims throughout your interior. These could range from door consoles, handles, glove boxes and more. If your vehicle is in need of some TLC, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. For more information on our dash and plastics repair service, view dashboard repairs.