Stain Removal

Have you noticed a stain on your carpet or seats that have now made a home inside your car? Are they too tricky to tackle with normal stain removal methods? No problem, Auto Interior Medic can help. Our cost effective car seat cleaning and stain removal service brings only the best results. We use advanced cleaning solutions to get superior results, so don’t worry, we’ll have your pride and joy back to a high standard in no time. You can also view our interior cleaning page for more information with this full service.

Leather Stain Removal

Leather Stain Removal

It is common for car upholstery to absorb stains over time and our stain removal service ensures a clean and fresh interior for you and passengers. We provide leather stain removal solutions is specifically formulated to remove a variety of stains from any leather surface. We also use a leather conditioner to prevent future stains while ensuring no further damage occurs.

Fabric Stain Removal

Fabric Stain Removal

Stains on fabrics can be very difficult to get rid of which is why we have specialists ready to tackle the problem at hand. Stubborn stains on seats or carpets that still remain after initial cleaning can be broken up with our specialist, natural cleaning solutions.

Car Seat Stain Removal

Seat Stain Removal

We are able to remove stains from just about anywhere within your car. Whether you’ve had an accidental spillage on your car seats, carpets or even your roof, we use effective stain removal methods that show only the best results.

Stain Removal Services

Carpet Stain Removal

Leather Car Seat Stain Removal

Fabric Seat Stain Removal