For leather car interiors, it is not common for them to suffer from leather stitching failure on seams, however when they do, do not fear, Auto Interior Medic’s craftsmanship comes in handy. We have experts at hand that are able to hand stitch the leather back into position rather than replacing the seat completely. Our seat stitching repair service includes skilled stitching of both fabric and leather car seats.

Attending to them early prevents further damage and maintaining your car interior will benefit you more in the long run. Don’t hesitate to check out our cleaning services, treating your interior regularly will prevent further damages.

Hand Stitching

Hand Stitching

Hand stitching requires a specialist curved upholstery needle that is used for minor repairs so that we are able to complete the stitching at any place that is convenient for you. With hand stitching, it allows us to re sew torn stitching using the original seam holes. The delicacy involved in stitching ensures we complete the repair to the highest standard.

Machine Stitching

Machine stitching is required for larger repairs and involves removing the cover of your seat. We will then take the cover to our site and complete the stitching. Once the repair has been carried out, we will return and fit the cover to make it look as good as new. Our upholstery technicians are highly skilled so you are in safe hands.

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