Trade services

We work closely with a range of trade customers and provide cost effective and convenient solutions for fleet managers and businesses in the auto trade.We welcome conversations with trade customers, if you’ve found us online and got this far, why not contact us and see what we can do for you.

car dealers

Car dealers

Car dealers know that interior damage to a car can drive down the resale value and make the vehicle harder to sell even at a lower price. A day visit from Auto Interior Medic can remedy a whole list of interior issues across a range of vehicles and at a cost effective rate. Otherwise our car dealer customers tend to call us to make specific repairs to newly bought cars and vans as part of making them ready for sale, where we have this arrangement with a garage we can offer special discounted rates.

fleet managers

Commercial fleet managers

Where a business maintains a fleet of vehicles, keeping them in great condition requires constant attention. Most fleet mangers find it easy to access mechanical maintenance and body repairs but find it harder to handle where interiors have become damaged or worn. Auto Interior Medic are the perfect go-to solution for interior damage to fleet vehicles. When working with a fleet, we will stock a range of matching materials to your vehicles allowing us to be ideally prepared to make cost effective repairs when required. Whether it be a fleet of HGVs for haulage or company cars for executives, we can help keep your vehicles up to standard and on the road.

car repair

Car repair & body shops

Where we have good relations with auto repair garages we ask to be referred to customers where there are interior repair issues that a typical car repair garage cannot handle. We have more formal referral relationships with some garages whereby they can book us to make repairs for their customer & receive a service fee from us for doing so. If you regularly see damage to vehicle interiors, we’d be interested in talking about a referral arrangement or at least sending you a stack of business cards & a free gift for your garage.

Commercial & trade services

Interior damage touch ups

Leather rejuvenation

Deep clean & restoration

Pre-sale repair & renovation

Fix before lease ends