Updating Your Car Interior

Updating your car interior doesn’t have to be expensive, we understand how you want your vehicle tailored to you, something that’s different and even maybe something that shows your personality if your vehicle is going to be your pride and joy for years to come. Whether you’re looking to replace old details and include custom accessories, we have a few ideas to hopefully bring your vision to life over the next 5 articles that will cover styling accessories, interior lighting and new sound systems.

When it comes to customising your car interior your options are many. Depending on your budget, you can go all out and do major works like interior reupholstery and customised dashboards or you could stick to cleaning, restoration and minor customisations to add your personal touch. Whatever you’re going to do it’s wise to know exactly what you’re looking for so your improvements match each other and the rest of your interior. This way you are able to create a tasteful and unique look. Start by choosing a distinctive colour scheme or a custom pattern. If you are prepared to pay for custom work, make sure your creative mode is switched on to avoid expensive changes you end up regretting. A cheaper alternative to reupholstering is purchasing seat covers. Not only do they protect your seats, when fitted properly you probably won’t be able to tell that they’re covers! Check out a few of our examples to see if any tickle your fancy.

Let’s look at reupholstering your interior.

Classic Leather Seat Upholstery
Simple leather seats bring a classic and sophisticated look to any vehicle, regardless of the age. Whether you’re replacing severely damaged seats, you can follow the original seating and interior design or be creative and add some individuality. For a small touch of customisation, seat stitching in your preferred colour is a small detail but it creates such an attractive look. Take a look at a few examples we’ve put together for classic leather seats.
Seat Logo Embroidery
If you’re looking to add a little touch of flawlessness to your current seated interior, custom logo embroidery provides an exceptional finish and really improves the look of your vehicle. The small details really do count. You can either stick with your vehicle logo, or have some freedom and design your own.
Custom Seat Covers
Rather than purchasing completely new seats for your vehicle, covers are the cheaper alternative and in fact protect your seats original material from accidental spillages caused by kids, friends or even pets. Individual, custom seat covers provide you with a unique look to modify your interior and work very well with fabric seats.

From velvet seat covers that provide you with that extra comfort, to diamond stitch, velour or mesh covers that add a touch of class and style, we have various examples for you to take a look at to see which one would suit you and your vehicle best as well as hopefully providing you with inspiration and giving you that boost of creativity to customise your own.
Custom Stitching
Custom stitching really gives your interior that extra something and is what makes your interior stand out from the rest. Stitching provides a stylish touch, whether you’re looking to restore your interior to its original design or are looking to customise it completely, there are various stitching styles to choose from.

European diamond stitching, cross stitching and hexagonal stitching are hand sewn due to the intricacy and they are popular patterns in most vehicles. Which do you like the best?

When it comes to updating your interior and making changes that you feel would develop the look and feel of it, it is your creativity and personality that drives the vision which is why we, can’t make those decisions for you. Auto Interior Medic can advise you and even carry out a wide range of services to get your interior the way you want it, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and let us know what your interior renovation ideas.

Note: Auto Interior Medic do not offer car seat reupholstery we can perform a range of interior repairs and install some interior customisation products. We have a passion for personalising vehicle interiors but we can’t do every job ourselves.

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