The most common damage car interior can endure is wear and tear. This can be due to old age or you’ve only just discovered a minor or rip or tear that has escalated over the last few months or even years. Fading, stretching and even holes can be quickly repaired and prevented whilst restoring the condition of the surrounding leather or fabric. We understand that it can undermine the value of your vehicle, which is why we have professional and experienced technicians ready to fix the problem to an extremely high standard.

Leather Wear and Tear Repair

Wear and Tear

All repairs we perform are matched perfectly to your interior. We are able to conceal all cracks, marks and scratches, sealing them in reducing further damage. As well as carrying out repairs, maintenance of your interior is a key factor when it comes to making sure your vehicle is in top shape.

Leather Cleaning

We provide a stain removal service as well as an interior deep cleaning service. This involves a full high standard clean throughout the whole of your vehicle, from the carpet to car mats, seats and windows. We use specially designed equipment and cleaning solutions to ensure the service you receive is second to none.

Leather Wear Services

Leather Seat Stitching

Rips & Tears

Marks & Scratches

Dashboard Repairs