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This is where it gets a bit exciting, especially for older, more vintage cars. There are various accessories to update your car interior and with these simple upgrades every so often, soon your vehicle will look like the ones you admire when you’re searching online depending on your style.

In our previous articles we’ve discussed interior lighting, updating your interior with new sound, entertainment systems and the possibility of reupholstery to re-fresh your interior and well, styling accessories also allow you the freedom of customisation within your interior but in small, subtle ways.

Here are our collection of different styling options to give you a little inspiration.

Pedal Extensions
Simoni Racing Pedals
Reflex Pedal Set
Ultra Light Carbon Pedal Set
As we haven’t perfected the gift of reading your mind, therefore not know what kind of style would suit you and your vehicle the best, we’ve complied a few stunning examples for you to take a look at and where you can purchase them! It’s essential when driving that you’re comfortable and maintain control when it comes to pedals and steering wheels. Many pedal extension pads become worn after years of being used so you can choose to upgrade for maximum effectiveness or simply upgrade with original pads.

The Simoni Racing Carbon Shade Sports pedals provide an inexpensive and stylish option if you’re looking for lightweight but durable, non slip pedals with optimum control. All three pedals also features a black aluminium and silver finish with carbon inserts. These pedals are a great addition to your vehicle interior at an affordable cost.

The classic look of the Reflex Pedal Set from Sparco is made of highly durable aluminium with rubber inserts for a great grip. The set comes with standard, long and wide pedals suitable for manual or automatic vehicles.

The impressive Ultra Light Carbon Pedal Set adds extra style to your interior. The stand out appearance doesn’t take the limelight with this set, as the performance is great too. The pedals are pre curved with the brake and clutch pedal holding additional strips of high grip material, increasing the precision and safety pedal control.
New Gear Knobs
Momo Combat Evo Gear Knob
Competizione Gear Knob
Race Air Leather Aluminium Gear Knob
Your current gear knob could be worn out as it is one of the things we’re very ‘hands on’ with when we drive. There are a range of stylish gear knobs and they’re so easy to fit! It gives a personalised and expensive look for very little money.

The simplistic Momo Combat Evo Gear Knob is available in a range of different colours, with a combination of top grain black leather with chromed, carbon effect or coloured insert, matching stitching also gives the gear knob the extra detail while maintaining a stylish look for your interior.

The Momo Competizione Gear Knob provides a classic and elegant look, along with practicality. This particular design is a stand out one for your interior, featuring chrome aluminium and a matching chrome laser and collar.

The Momo Race Air Leather Gear Knob offers a unique design, 50/50 combination of black air leather with machined aluminium and a Momo logo for an eye catching design. It’s comfort and modernity ensures your interior looks and feels great.
Custom Steering Wheels
Mini Cooper Custom Steering Wheel
VW Golf mk7R Custom Steering Wheel
Control Custom Steering Wheels provide nothing but excellence and style with their custom steering wheels. For a unique touch to your interior, you can design your steering wheel to suit you and your interior’s personality. Take the Mini Cooper as an example, with classic and stylish nappa leather on the sides, alcantara on the top and bottom with orange stitching and it finishes off with a ring at 12 o’clock.

The VW Golf custom steering wheel was reshaped, holds carbon fibre, nappa leather and subtle but classic blue stitching. Visit Control’s website to view some of their most recent masterpieces. There are a range of different shapes, styles and materials that can be used to design your own custom wheel, whether that be a bold design or a simple, professional one.

Steering wheel covers are a cheaper alternative to meet a small budget and they also help protect your steering wheel from dust, potential scratches and marks! If you do however face noticeable scratches or small rips, take a look at our leather wear repair service.
Custom Dashboards & Instruments
Vintage Dashboard & Interior
Custom Dashboard
Switches Upgrade for Interior
For bespoke and unique styling, upgrading old accessories within your interior is a good place to start, especially if you’re focusing on developing your dashboard or dials, buttons and switches. You may not believe it till you see it, but small touches can make a huge difference and transform the look and feel of your vehicle altogether.

For older, vintage vehicles (see above image), there are endless opportunities and ways in which to modernise the interior without losing the true vintage feel. Featuring chrome switches, a modern sound system and a stunning steering wheel, this is a look worth achieving without having to transform every little item. If you’ve been looking for design inspiration for your interior, we’re sure this example will be great help.

However, for the more modern vehicles today, the interior provides a simplistic look with very little room for customisation but then again, this is where your creativity and vision come in. For dashboard customisation alone, it’s a stand out piece that is able to highlight the rest of your interior; from wood, leather or even velvet along with patterns of your choice. Check out the VW above for example, what do you think?
Head Up Displays
Heads Up Display
Head Up Display
A head up display is a smart, effective technology that shows information exactly where you need it. Rather than having to look down at your controls which show speed, warning signals, indicator signals and so on, the heads up display is available directly in the line of sight. The intelligent gadget reduces driver distraction and maintains focus, helping you on your journeys.

You can grab an inexpensive Heads Up Display at Car Parts 4 Less!

You can give your interior a little makeover for very little money, whether that’s with a custom dashboard, steering wheel covers, seat covers or much more. You can see some of our tips on updating your car interior in previous articles. It’s important to note that to care for your interior and to protect it, an interior deep clean every so often works wonders but if you do face stubborn stains or any type of interior damage, contact us and we’d be more than happy to help!

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